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Receiving bottom check valve for irrigation systems. What does it consist of?


Intake basket, bottom check valve, bottom basket, intake valve — all this is the same name — intake bottom check valve with mesh. They are designed to purify water from large debris and retain water in the intake system of the pump. This water enters the pumping unit from a natural reservoir for irrigation with a ZDM drum-type sprinkler machine.


We have improved the design of the basket, increasing the efficiency of the new device due to improved valve operation. Previously, the intake basket had to be under water in a strictly vertical position, which was difficult to achieve: the water goes out and you need to start the pump again, pump out the water.


Now the bottom check valve holds water when taking in water: if the machine stops, it holds a column of water to supply it the next time the pump is turned on without filling the intake part with water. At the same time, the spherical valve, being in the water not strictly vertically (at different angles), will remain sealed and perform its functions at 100%. You turn on the pump – the water is running.


The intake baskets are presented in the most popular diameters of 100-150 mm, corresponding to the diameter of the conduit and the pump capacity.


The bottom filter with a check valve consists of three main parts: filter mesh, intake cone, valve. Water is just passing through the filter screen. The intake cone provides water supply to the system, and the valve passes water from the reservoir to the pump and does not let it back in.


All elements are made of high-quality steel with electroplated anti-corrosion coating.


You can buy a receiving valve either flanged or with a connection under the sleeve in the form of a "fitting". It is also possible to manufacture receiving bottom valves with a BAUER type BRC connection.


You can get acquainted with the assortment in more detail in our catalog PIPELINE FOR IRRIGATION


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